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Olá, I’m Sílvia!

In the pursuit of making the cultural exchanges easier, I am offering the opportunity to learn Portuguese basics or go a bit more advanced, for those who want to dive deeper into the beautiful nostalgic language of the portuguese.

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“We were in Sílvia‘s beginner‘s course from January to June. The course far exceeded our expectations. It was a very pleasant learning atmosphere in her lovely garden. Sílvia is an excellent teacher. The lessons were varied and we always looked forward to the weekly lesson. So sad, we can‘t continue the course because we‘re going back to Switzerland. Muito obrigada Sílvia!”

“The classes with Silvia are incredibly fun and well-structured. Silvia dedicates a lot of time to the group and ensures that we feel comfortable and supported, no matter how hard it is to pronounce the word or conjugate the verb. 😉

I especially appreciate that she has specialised in teaching people who have settled in Portugal and want to learn the language.”

“With Silvia we learn important basics in a small group which is really helpful to hear others speak and learn together. Silvia speaks portuguese very clear and her lessons are both fun and helpful. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning this beautiful language and getting more integrated. Now i am able to have conversations with the local people at the markets!”

“Silvia is a very kind young lady with a super positive vibe around her. She has a structured lesson plan but is always flexible to go deeper into something if needed. She takes her teacher roll very serious and prepares her classes very well. Every class we get homework for the next lesson and some additional exercises related to the topic of the lesson. Silvia really helps me reaching the next level in Portuguese and I can not recommend her enough.”

“I highly recommend Portuguese classes with Silvia! The lessons are a lot of fun and she really wants you to improve and helps along the way. For our conversation classes we either pick a specific topic to talk about as a group or Silvia suggests a topic based on our levels and weak points. So, you can really bring yourself in and she tailors classes to your needs which is great. Silvia is a very kind and warm person that loves her country and wants you to bring closer to its culture and people. I really like her classes and feel like I’ve learned a lot, not only portuguese but also understanding the local culture better.”

“With Silvia I was able to learn portuguese very quickly. In the beginning I thought I would never be able to write or speak the language, but she gave me the confidence and motivation to push through. The classes are very enjoyable and well prepared. We learn about the most important aspects of communication in portuguese and it is very helpful for living in this beautiful country and to understand the culture and traditions. Also we have a lot of fun during the classes and I met very nice people. So for me it was the best decision and totally worth the effort.”

“I have been following the Portuguese language course for 6 month.

I like the combination of small groups, the podcasts and other small video presentations.”